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Tooth Mountain

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Tooth Mountain

Tooth Mountain Farms is a 20-acre boutique farm stay located next to ND studios on Karjat road about 200 meters from Chowk Phata having 5 uniquely styled suite rooms with attached bathrooms, a private lake, lap-pool, an art village and a plant nursery.

The farmhouse comprises of two structures – the main villa, which has two rooms and the outhouse, which has 3 rooms. The main villa is where we serve breakfast since it has the kitchen, dining table, hall and other common areas such as TV room. The outhouse is located next to the swimming pool.

Each of the five rooms is named after a flowering tree that grows on the property. Parijat (color code: White) is the ancient name for the Night-flowering jasmine is our biggest room, which has 2 double beds, and a single bed is located in the main villa. Palash (color code: Orange) is the Flame-of-the-forest, which in bloom becomes a great attraction for exotic birds. This too is located in the main villa. Amalatas (color code: Yellow) and Ashmantak (color code: Purple) are Golden-Shower-Tree and Purple Orchid tree are both in the out-house area. Our latest room is Basant Rani (color code: Pink) or Pink Trumpet Tree also located in the out-house area. We provide towels, soaps, shampoos and conditioners in all rooms.

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